He Wines She Dines

We would like to introduce another addition to Savor The Flavor Of Texas on Saturday April 14th.  He Wines She Dines is a wine club in Dallas.  They are also a review site for restaurants and wineries in the area from both his and her perspectives.


A bit about them (direct copy from their website):

He Wines, She Dines began long before the name. Tim and Jennifer McCallum fell in love with each other over food and great drinks two decades ago when they started dating! Our site is dedicated to promoting and uplifting great eateries, awesome drinks, time tested wines and the wonderful people who pour their souls into making our experiences enjoyable. You will never find a bad review on HWSD. Sure, we have bad experiences, but those restaurants are simply never listed here. Unlike some rag/free papers and hidden bloggers, we would rather share the gems with our readers and give you great advice on where to go, what to drink and what to buy for that party at the neighbour’s house. Ohh and did we mention every review is from a Man’s and a Lady’s perspective! Hey, we each see food and drinks differently…so now you have a place to find both perspectives on every review!

We can’t be bought! We only sell advertising and promotions to the fine places that pass our HWSD review test! So if you see it here, we recommend it! And if you receive an offer from us for anything, it’s because we like it so much we wanted to share it with you! One more thing, we always pay for our own food or we disclose to you if something was on the house…either way our reviews are always done impromptu and never influenced by anything but our taste buds!

We want to hear from you! Do you have a fav place to eat, or a special bartender that lights your night on fire? Did you try a wine that melted your palate and your heart? Let us know! We will Wine and Dine them and hopefully they will find their way here! Do you own a restaurant? Drop us a line and we will come out!

Finally…we hope you will follow us and join our club. We have events, special tours, wine tastings, and soon a wine club to deliver the tastes right to your front door! All of our events are only open to our followers so sign up for our newsletter, mobile club and follow us on Social Media! Lets get Wined and Dined!


LanSan Event Center

We would like to thank LanSan Event Center for sponsoring our event as a rainy day  backup location.  LanSan is at 117 S. Kent St. in Gorman (formerly Gorman Pharmacy); only 3 doors down from Blackwell Park.

As of today the weather is looking to be gorgeous for the park, but we are grateful that LanSan has allowed us the use of their facility in the event it is needed to keep the festivities going RAIN OR SHINE.

LanSan Event Center is a great location to host any kind of party, may it be a birthday, anniversary, graduation, class reunion, or family reunion.  It is located at 117 S. Kent St., Gorman, TX  76454, formerly the Gorman Pharmacy.  They also are have dry cleaning and embroidery available.  For information call: Debora Sanchez (254) 734-6425 or Mila Landa (254) 734-5637.


Another great sponsor!

Messina Hof

We are very thankful for Messina Hof’s support for a second year!  They have donated:  A Public Tour and Tasting for 4 People, redeemable at Bryan, Fredericksburg, or Grapevine.  This item will be available for bid in our silent action and all proceeds benefit the Gorman Community Outdoor Outreach Program.


It is official!  They are on their way!

Limited edition Savor The Flavor Of Texas stemless 9 ounce wineglasses.

ALL proceeds benefit the Gorman Community Outdoor Outreach Program, starting with helping replace the city park playground equipment.

Wine Glass 2




What are we raising money for?

Roughly a year and a half ago our group was born on the idea of wanting more family friendly events in our great little town.  We are making strides to find ways to help promote and revitalize Gorman.  Savor the Flavor of Texas is a large part of that.  Over time the idea grew from just wanting a few more gatherings to dreaming of something more permanent and substantial that could really help our community.  Our goal began to focus more on the children and we set forth trying to raise funds to refurbish the city playground equipment.  The hope was to make it last just a little while longer until we could afford to have it replaced.  We were not able to meet that goal, and unfortunately this past week it was deemed unsafe due to dry rot and demolished.  Sadly, there is not yet anything to put in its place.  We are researching and working with the city for potential grant opportunities and other ideas.  In the meantime, we need your help!  The children of our community need your help!

The city park and playground has always been a major gathering spot for our youth.  Also, a large percentage of birthday parties for the younger children have frequently been held at the city playground.  Even in its poor condition, it was always being used.  Spring is here and summer is just around the corner.  The children need someplace safe to play.  Attached is a link to the Go Fund Me page for this project.  Please help us make it a reality.


Replacing the city playground equipment, while a major impact for our community, is only the first step in our Gorman Community Outdoor Outreach Program (CO-OP).  This initiative is so much more than helping the city put in a new playground.  We are working toward being able to provide outdoor activities for our youth who may not otherwise have the opportunity.  Our hope is to expose them to new and exciting outdoor adventures and empower them to find a passion for the environment around them.  Give them a chance to disconnect from the digital world for a bit to reconnect with nature and learn a few useful skills while have hands-on fun.

Additional sponsors:

We wanted to also make sure to thank these wonderful sponsors.  Although they are unable to attend in person this year, their contributions are greatly appreciated two years in a row.  Gatewood Vineyards in Dublin, The Nice Winery in Houston, and William Chris Vineyards in Hye.  You should definately make a road trip to visit these great vineyards; nice scenery, good wine, and great people.  

Gatewood Estate Vineyards

Gatewood Estate Vineyards – http://www.facebook.com/gatewoodvineyards/

214-476-4500 – 300 CR 345, Dublin, TX  76446


The NICE Winery – http://www.nicewines.com/

713-744-7444 – 2901 W. Sam Houston Pkwy North, Ste C-260, Houston, TX  77043

William Chris Vineyards

William Chris Vineyards – http://www.williamchriswines.com/

830-998-7654 – 10352 U.S. Highway 290, Hye, TX  78635

Kissing Tree Vineyards

We are thrilled to announce that Kissing Tree Vineyards are also joining us for Savor The Flavor Of Texas on Saturday, 14 April!  I have not yet had the pleasure of trying their wines, but looking at their website there are quite a few that have me intrigued.  White Merlot, Delectable, French Kiss, First Kiss, and a Sparkling Cider… and more.  What’s more is reading their story – it is so romantic.

Here is their story (copied directly from their website):

Kissing Tree


As high school freshmen we climbed the ancient hackberry tree outside of what was to become our winery. There, perched on one of it’s branches, we shared our first kiss. Many years have passed since that kiss and we have grown a passion for wine as well as for each other. We now produce handcrafted wines just steps from the shade of that old tree where it all started, the Kissing Tree. We have live music, cheese trays, and a selection of premium cigars. We at Kissing Tree Vineyards hope to share our passion for wine with others, and we hope you and yours find similar romance in both our wine and life.


Chris and Crystal Grider