Kissing Tree Vineyards

We are thrilled to announce that Kissing Tree Vineyards are also joining us for Savor The Flavor Of Texas on Saturday, 14 April!  I have not yet had the pleasure of trying their wines, but looking at their website there are quite a few that have me intrigued.  White Merlot, Delectable, French Kiss, First Kiss, and a Sparkling Cider… and more.  What’s more is reading their story – it is so romantic.

Here is their story (copied directly from their website):

Kissing Tree

As high school freshmen we climbed the ancient hackberry tree outside of what was to become our winery. There, perched on one of it’s branches, we shared our first kiss. Many years have passed since that kiss and we have grown a passion for wine as well as for each other. We now produce handcrafted wines just steps from the shade of that old tree where it all started, the Kissing Tree. We have live music, cheese trays, and a selection of premium cigars. We at Kissing Tree Vineyards hope to share our passion for wine with others, and we hope you and yours find similar romance in both our wine and life.


Chris and Crystal Grider



Spirit Of Texas Winery

I am tickled pink to declare that Spirit Of Texas Winery will be partaking in the Savor The Flavor Of Texas festivities this year, too!  Brian and Moira are so friendly and the winery is really nifty.  Most of the decor is done with reclaimed materials that they found on the property which gives it so much charm.  Their patio is equipped with a large Connect Four game, an oversized Jenga set, Yard Yahtzee, Checkers, Horseshoes, Cornhole, and Washers.  They also have regular specialty fun nights; check out their FB calendar for more details.

Here is a bit more about them (copied directly from their website):


We are Brian and Moira McCue. We were married right after college. Within that first year of marriage, Moira started teaching and we had our first son, Ben. About 4 years later our second son Conrad was born. Moira taught for over 30 years in several different districts throughout the state of Texas. Brian’s work led us from Houston, to Lubbock and finally in Round Rock. After working for more than 30 years apart, they decided to work together. In 2016, Moira retired from teaching and Brian left the credit union industry. Together, they decided to pursue a business in something they loved, wine. We looked all over the state for a location or to purchase an existing winery. When we saw the property in Early, TX, we knew we found our place! It’s right on the highway and the only winery in Brown County. Our tag line is ‘Come Relax & UnWINEd with Us!’ We hope that you enjoy the winery as much as we do!


The Winery at Willow Creek

We are delighted to announce that The Winery at Willow Creek as decided to join us for Gorman’s 2nd Annual Savor the Flavor of Texas Festival.  I have tried 5 of their wines, and there are spectacular!  They are nestled under a canopy of pecan trees right on a quiet creek in Abilene.

Here is a bit about them (copied directly from their website):

Willow Creek

What do you get when you mix a Police officer, a firefighter and their mutual love of wine?

The Winery at Willow Creek.

“For several years, we traveled and toured wineries all over Texas, enjoying the sites and flavors of Texas wines. Abilene had yet to offer such a venue, so we wanted to do something about that. We set our sights on changing the culture of Abilene, and began planning Abilene’s very first winery. Our affinity for home wine making set the stage for a commercial winery operation, and the dream became a reality in September of 2012.  With no designs of starting a vineyard of our own (‘cause that’s the hard stuff) we quickly reached out to area grape growers to roll out what we think is some of our best work. Since then we have successfully paved the road for Abilenians and our visitors to experience wine in a way our community never had before. It wasn’t long before the sounds of live music and smells of local food trucks were filling the air.

We welcome guests at all levels of wine drinking, and we know we can help find you something you will like. There is no wine snobbery allowed here – we just want you to enjoy some ridiculously good wine! Come check out our version of good times and great wine all set in a backyard where you can breathe easy.”

-Kimberly & Brian Scalf


Silver Lake Cellars

We are thrilled to introduce Silver Lake Cellars to our 2nd Annual Savor the Flavor of Texas Festival here is Gorman!  Reading the descriptions of their wines from their website, they sound marvelous and I cannot wait to try them.  Is it April yet?

A little bit about them (copied straight from their website):

Silver Lake Cellars

From the very start of our relationship, Kevin and I loved tasting and learning about wine. Several date nights involved visiting wineries, trying new wines, and learning to pair wine with food. Then in 2013, two important things happened: I went back to college, and we started making wine. Having quit college in my early twenties to raise children, I had always hoped to one day go back and finish my degree. With Kevin’s encouragement, I enrolled at UNT and began taking classes. Then for Christmas that same year, Kevin surprised me with a home winemaking kit and a box of Chardonnay juice that would eventually become a Silver Medal winning wine….but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Kevin and I were both managing our kids, careers, and my class schedule pretty well. But after struggling way too hard to pull a “B” out of my Statistics class, only to discover that I would have to take an Advanced Statistics class the next year, I began to look for a different major. Goals are important, but life is short. In my search, I came across the Viticulture & Enology Degree Program at Grayson College. I had no idea something like this was offered in Texas. When I found out that classes were offered on weekends and online and wouldn’t interfere with my work schedule, I became very excited. Kevin encouraged me to enroll in the program, so I did. Over the next two years, I spent many weekends up in Denison learning everything I could about growing grapes and making wine. There were field trips to wine production facilities, grape-growing and pruning workshops in the Texas High Plains, and lots of scary pictures of bugs and fungi that like to destroy grapes! When I’d get home on Sunday evenings, Kevin was always eager to hear about my class discoveries. It was in these classes that I met students who either wanted to become winemakers, wanted to grow a vineyard, or who were already doing one or both of those things. Several of my classmates had working wineries right here in East Texas! Initially, I was just there to earn my degree in a field of study that was interesting to me. No Advanced Statistics with Excel classes required. But then I had an idea. What if Kevin and I could find some land to plant a vineyard and open a winery? I know. It was crazy.

I was totally shocked when Kevin said that he was on board with the idea. Pretty soon he began to capture the vision as well. We spent the next year looking at many, many properties. From the Oklahoma border, east toward Texarkana, south as far as Hillsboro, and west nearly to Abilene. We feel like God brought us to the perfect spot right here in Silver Lake – smack dab in the middle of Mineola and Grand Saline. After the water and soil tests came back favorable for growing grapes, we closed on our property in July of 2016 and have been working hard ever since. We were so excited when our Chardonnay (the one we bottled in 2014 from Kevin’s Christmas Chardonnay wine kit) took a Silver Medal at the 2016 Texas Non-Commercial Wine Competition! We have a lot more work to do as we continue to increase the size of our vineyard and finish the build-out of our wine production and tasting rooms. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey. Here’s to crazy ideas, big dreams, and delicious Texas Wine!

~Cheers, Debbie



Maydelle Country Wines

Please help us welcome back Maydelle Country Wines to our 2nd year of Savor The Flavor Of Texas!  Cheryl is so much fun to talk with and the wines are terrific!  A bit about them (copied straight from their website):


Maydelle Country Wines is a small, family run winery that sits out at the edge of ID Fairchild State Forest about 7 miles out of Rusk, TX, and 2.5 miles from the little town of Maydelle.  The Texas State Railroad runs through the back yard, and rattles the windows as it passes.  The Harpers have been out on the side of this hill since the early 1970’s, and have raised three generations of children in these woods.

Steven Harper is the owner, vintner, chief picker of fruits, fearless elderberry hunter, and good friend to all.  His winning spirit and quick wit make him a laugh a minute while at work or away.  Ask him how he got started when you visit the winery.  It’s an interesting story.

Cheryl Ivie-Harper can politely be called the “know-it-all” here.  She handles sales, paperwork, stock, where to find things, where things go.  She’s also glad to let you know about other wineries in the area and upcoming events.

With children, grandchildren, family and friends, they have been at this for over 10 years, and are looking forward to at least another decade or three.

Using products available from the soil of Texas, each batch is kept small for that personal taste.  While other wineries sing to you the praise of their small batch wines, we let you taste them.  Most of our wines are less than 200 gallons.  Instead of dragging up the same old grapes, we go out on a limb creating wines that are not only pleasant to drink, but down right FUN.  Wines made from lemon & lime have become our trademark, but we also produce blackberry, grapefruit, elderberry and peach just to name a few.

So brave the dirt road and come on, enjoy the wine!

Excited for another year!

The ball is rolling and gaining momentum in preparations for our 2nd Annual Savor The Flavor Of Texas Festival!

Spread the word.  It will be Saturday, 12th of April from 10am until 11pm.

We extended the hours this year in efforts to entice more vendors to make the drive to our remote part of the world.  We’ll have DJ music for the first half the day and live music throughout the evening.  Music, food, shopping, wine, and hopefully beer… what more could you want on a spring Saturday.  There are already a few wineries lined up to be in attendance, and we are working on so much more.

Stay tuned for more specifics.

Over the moon!

I am over the moon with excitement today!  We are seeing great developments with the progress and growth of the festival.  Feeling quite blessed by the generosity of our sponsors and enthusiasm of our vendors.  Looking forward of what is yet to come in weeks ahead.  Stay tuned…