He Wines She Dines

We would like to introduce another addition to Savor The Flavor Of Texas on Saturday April 14th.  He Wines She Dines is a wine club in Dallas.  They are also a review site for restaurants and wineries in the area from both his and her perspectives.


A bit about them (direct copy from their website):

He Wines, She Dines began long before the name. Tim and Jennifer McCallum fell in love with each other over food and great drinks two decades ago when they started dating! Our site is dedicated to promoting and uplifting great eateries, awesome drinks, time tested wines and the wonderful people who pour their souls into making our experiences enjoyable. You will never find a bad review on HWSD. Sure, we have bad experiences, but those restaurants are simply never listed here. Unlike some rag/free papers and hidden bloggers, we would rather share the gems with our readers and give you great advice on where to go, what to drink and what to buy for that party at the neighbour’s house. Ohh and did we mention every review is from a Man’s and a Lady’s perspective! Hey, we each see food and drinks differently…so now you have a place to find both perspectives on every review!

We can’t be bought! We only sell advertising and promotions to the fine places that pass our HWSD review test! So if you see it here, we recommend it! And if you receive an offer from us for anything, it’s because we like it so much we wanted to share it with you! One more thing, we always pay for our own food or we disclose to you if something was on the house…either way our reviews are always done impromptu and never influenced by anything but our taste buds!

We want to hear from you! Do you have a fav place to eat, or a special bartender that lights your night on fire? Did you try a wine that melted your palate and your heart? Let us know! We will Wine and Dine them and hopefully they will find their way here! Do you own a restaurant? Drop us a line and we will come out!

Finally…we hope you will follow us and join our club. We have events, special tours, wine tastings, and soon a wine club to deliver the tastes right to your front door! All of our events are only open to our followers so sign up for our newsletter, mobile club and follow us on Social Media! Lets get Wined and Dined!


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