Kissing Tree Vineyards

We are thrilled to announce that Kissing Tree Vineyards are also joining us for Savor The Flavor Of Texas on Saturday, 14 April!  I have not yet had the pleasure of trying their wines, but looking at their website there are quite a few that have me intrigued.  White Merlot, Delectable, French Kiss, First Kiss, and a Sparkling Cider… and more.  What’s more is reading their story – it is so romantic.

Here is their story (copied directly from their website):

Kissing Tree

As high school freshmen we climbed the ancient hackberry tree outside of what was to become our winery. There, perched on one of it’s branches, we shared our first kiss. Many years have passed since that kiss and we have grown a passion for wine as well as for each other. We now produce handcrafted wines just steps from the shade of that old tree where it all started, the Kissing Tree. We have live music, cheese trays, and a selection of premium cigars. We at Kissing Tree Vineyards hope to share our passion for wine with others, and we hope you and yours find similar romance in both our wine and life.


Chris and Crystal Grider



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