The Winery at Willow Creek

We are delighted to announce that The Winery at Willow Creek as decided to join us for Gorman’s 2nd Annual Savor the Flavor of Texas Festival.  I have tried 5 of their wines, and there are spectacular!  They are nestled under a canopy of pecan trees right on a quiet creek in Abilene.

Here is a bit about them (copied directly from their website):

Willow Creek

What do you get when you mix a Police officer, a firefighter and their mutual love of wine?

The Winery at Willow Creek.

“For several years, we traveled and toured wineries all over Texas, enjoying the sites and flavors of Texas wines. Abilene had yet to offer such a venue, so we wanted to do something about that. We set our sights on changing the culture of Abilene, and began planning Abilene’s very first winery. Our affinity for home wine making set the stage for a commercial winery operation, and the dream became a reality in September of 2012.  With no designs of starting a vineyard of our own (‘cause that’s the hard stuff) we quickly reached out to area grape growers to roll out what we think is some of our best work. Since then we have successfully paved the road for Abilenians and our visitors to experience wine in a way our community never had before. It wasn’t long before the sounds of live music and smells of local food trucks were filling the air.

We welcome guests at all levels of wine drinking, and we know we can help find you something you will like. There is no wine snobbery allowed here – we just want you to enjoy some ridiculously good wine! Come check out our version of good times and great wine all set in a backyard where you can breathe easy.”

-Kimberly & Brian Scalf


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